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A written statement in CPC - 5 Useful judgments.
NI Act 1881, S.138 - Demand notice issued beyond the statutory period of 15 days neither S.473, Cr. P.C. or S.5 of Limitation Act,1963 would apply, nor such delay can be legally condoned.
NI Act 1881- Section.138- Dishonour of cheque - Demand notice cannot be faulted if any other sum indicated in addition to the "said amount."
Section 127 Crpc: Alteration in allowance explanation with case law.
Importance of a written statement in the civil suit.
Civil Procedure Code1908 - Court fee had to be paid on the sale consideration mentioned in the sale deed.
The essential characteristic of arbitration is a binding character of a decision of the arbitrator on the parties before him.
Rejection of plaint will not prevent the appellants/plaintiffs from filing a fresh suit on a separate cause of action.